Reptile Size Statistics: How to Impress Your Friends and Terrify Your Enemies

Reptiles are a diverse group of animals that come in all shapes and sizes. From tiny geckos to massive crocodiles, reptiles can be found all over the world.


SpeciesAverage LengthAverage Weight
Green Anole5-8 cm2-5 g
Madagascar Giant Day Geckoup to around 30 cm long and up to around 100 g in weight
Blue-Tongued Skink30-60 cm500 g
Gila Monster30-60 cm350-700 g
Chinese Water Dragon60-90 cm1 kg
Bearded Dragon45-60 cm300-600 g
Emerald Tree Boa Snake1.5 m1.8 kg
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake1.8 m3.5 kg
Black Mamba Snake2.5 m1.6 kg
Komodo Dragon2.5 m70 kg
Burmese Python4.5 m55 kg
Nile Crocodile3.5 m225 kg
American Alligator3-4 m360 kg
Saltwater Crocodile4-5 m450 kg
Green Anaconda Snakeup to around 6 m long and up to around 250 kg in weight
Reticulated Python6 m75 kg
Galapagos Tortoiseup to around 1.2 m long and up to around 400 kg in weight
Green Sea Turtle1.2 m200 kg
Leatherback Sea Turtle1.8 m500 kg
King Cobra Snakeup to around 5.7 m long and up to around 6 kg in weight


Some fun facts:

  • Green Anole: This lizard can change its color from green to brown depending on its mood, temperature, and surroundings. It has a pink flap of skin under its chin called a dewlap, which it uses to attract mates and defend its territory. It can detach its tail when threatened by a predator and grow a new one later.
  • Komodo Dragon: This is the largest living lizard in the world, reaching up to 3 meters in length and 70 kilograms in weight. It has venomous saliva that can cause bleeding, infection, and paralysis in its prey. It can also smell with its tongue, which it flicks in and out of its mouth.
  • Leatherback Sea Turtle: This is the largest living turtle in the world, reaching up to 1.8 meters in length and 500 kilograms in weight. It has a soft, leathery shell that helps it dive deep into the ocean. It feeds mainly on jellyfish, which it can swallow whole with its sharp-edged jaws.
  • King Cobra: This is the longest venomous snake in the world, reaching up to 5.7 meters in length and 6 kilograms in weight. It can raise up to one-third of its body off the ground and spread its hood when threatened. It is the only snake that builds a nest for its eggs, which it guards fiercely.
  • Galapagos Tortoise: This is the largest living tortoise in the world, reaching up to 1.2 meters in length and 400 kilograms in weight. It can live for over 100 years and has a slow metabolism that allows it to survive without food or water for months. It has different shell shapes depending on the island it lives on.
  • Black Mamba: This is one of the fastest and most deadly snakes in the world, reaching speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour and delivering enough venom to kill 10 people with one bite. It is actually brown or gray in color, but gets its name from the black inside of its mouth. It can strike up to 12 times in a row when attacking.
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I hope you enjoyed these fun facts about reptiles!